Success of Sairat- Decoded

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In this piece, I have tried to share what I believe is the reason for the acclaim, both from the critics and the general audience the Marathi movie Sairat has claimed. There are movies whose effects on you get washed over by a night’s sleep and then there are MOVIES, like…


The seed of ambition?

“Please meet me as soon as you see this note. Miss Chigurupati ” said the note pinned to little Lasya’s pocket. Lavanya looked for scratches on her daughter’s arms and knees but found none. She looked her sternly and asked her, “Did you hit someone in class today? Lasya shook her head in disagreement; her … More The seed of ambition?

Teacher’s words

“Nagade sang dhol baje, dhol baje…” she sang with complete abandon as her hands formed mudras that quickly morphed from one into another. Her entire body moved to the music bursting out of the headphones while her feet remained locked below her thighs. The surroundings failed to influence her; her face bore no anxiety of … More Teacher’s words

The second circle

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Amidst a myriad array of texts available to mankind why is it that storytelling, irrespective of its medium, remains to be a popular favorite? Then again, there are some that haunt the empty spaces of our mind for an eternity. Whilst there some that are like acquaintances at a party: you…

Unboxing Friendship

Friendship day: fuel for many kitchens, for at least a few days; remember the stationery shop near your school or college? Celebrated on the first Sunday of the month of August, it is another day the commercial establishments thank us for creation; friendship bands, and cards sell like hot-cakes the entire week. Restaurants, coffee shops, … More Unboxing Friendship

Happy Birthday!

“Mum mum, was I a very difficult kid?” Sarika inquired as she rolled the mass of motichur boondi, tiny balls of fried chickpea flour that had ‘drunk up’ sugar syrup, in her hands into a perfect spherical sweet: a laddu. On the opposite side of the huge trough containing boondi, sat her Mum mum deftly … More Happy Birthday!